In this section of the website, you can access the relevant documents you need.

PAT Testing Business - is it still possible to make money from PAT Testing? A Special Report by our director, Tim James.

Choosing a PAT Tester for 110V appliances - How to choose a PAT Tester for Testing 110V power tools, site tools and machinery

Training Course Booking Form - print out this document if you want to make a booking on our training courses (You don't need this form if you book and pay online, although you should use it if you want us to invoice you afterwards, or if you want to make a postal booking.)

PAT Testing Record Sheet - a simple Excel Template which you can use for Data Recording -
More examples will be available in the PAT Testing Support Section

PAT Testing Training Courses - More information about our training courses, and what to expect if you attend one.

On-Site PAT Testing Course - Information about organising a PAT Testing Course at your premises (on-Site training)

Calibration Form - Use this form to organise a collection of your PAT Tester for Calibration

More documents will be added later - don't forget to contact us if you have any queries.