Is there an Examination on the course, and am I likely to fail it?

No - there doesn't need to be! We look at our competitors' courses (and we've been on most of them) and we find it laughable that they make a great play about it being a practical based course and then give you a multiple choice test at the end! PAT testing is, by and large, a practical based skill and we reflect that all the way through our course. Of course, there is important information that you need to know - we cover all of this during the day. But we also give you a long practical session (most of the afternoon) to get your hands on the equipment and test a large number of items for real.

Instead of a formal examination, we choose to run our courses with small groups, and make sure that everybody has understood the important points before moving on. In case somebody is a little stuck on something, the trainer will go over it again (on a one-to-one basis if necessary). The practical session is closely supervised, and we make sure that everybody achieves the necessary standard during the day. In the unlikely event that you don't get to grips with it by the end, then we will withold the certificate and you will be invited to attend the course again at a later date, free of charge. This is, however, extremely rare!