What PAT Testers will I be using?

We always have a selection of industry standard PAT testers available on the day for you to use - we select the machines we use on the course very carefully so that you can learn on machines which are simple to use, but which are industry standard - in other words if you can use our machines, you can use any one! We have an old 'Irwin' tester which has an analogue display which is perfect for learning on, and we also have a number of more modern machines including Kewtech, Seaward, Fluke, Megger and First Stop Safety. If you've seen other people advertising that their course has 'one machine between 3 people'etc bear in mind that they will only use one TYPE of machine on their course - so although you might get your hands on it, that will be the only machine you are competent on at the end. (and then they'll probably try to sell you one!)