Fixed Wire Testing

Fixed Wire Testing Also Available

Check the wiring is safe in your building!

Fixed Wire testing, which used to be known as 'Periodic Inspection and Testing (PIR), and now sometimes called ECIR) is a way of checking that the wiring in the building is up to scratch. This involves everything from the incoming supply point (distribution board or 'fuse box') through to the point of use (mains socket or light fittings) and everything inbetween (cables, junctions boxes and switches.) The process is similar to PAT Testing, in that engineers carry out visual inspections on the wiring systems along with some electrical tests. The process is more involved, however, and wil require parts of the installation to be shut down for a short period for the testing to be carried out. For this reason, Fixed Wire Testing is normally done outside normal hours.

Unlike Portable Appliance Testing, whereby the employer is encouraged to set up inspection and test frequencies based on risk, the frequency of inspection and testing is more clearly laid down in the IET wiring regulations, and compliance with the following schedule is normally required.

- Commercial Installations - 5 years.
- Industrial Installations - 3 years.
- Buildings open to the public - 1 year.
- External Installations - 3 years.
- Caravan Parks - 1 year.
- Short Term Installations - 3 months.
- Site Installations - 3 months.

PAT Testing Expert have secured arrangements with a small network of qualified and experienced electricians who specialise in this area, and we are able to now offer Fixed Wire Testing as an additional service.

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