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PAT Testing for Multi Site and Commercial Clients.

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Consultancy-based service

Find the best approach to tackling your testing requirements.

Cost effective system

We give you a system that is cost effective, whilst providing a higher degree of safety.

Technical expertise

Our expert engineers are here to help you achieve your testing targets.

Trust your PAT Testing to the experts

In any large organisation, there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of portable electrical appliances. The employer has a legal duty to make sure that they are safe.

Of course, you could just pay us to test everything every 12 months, but this is NOT a legal requirement, and in fact is not always the best approach if you have large numbers of appliances to look after.

A better system is one that considers the type of equipment used in your organisation and then determines a sensible inspection and test frequency based upon a risk assessment.

Our services to large organisations and multi-site clients are based around a consultancy service to help you find the best approach to tackling your inspection and testing requirements, along with the necessary technical expertise to help you achieve the targets. This gives you a system that is cost effective and provides a higher degree of safety.

A typical service would include:

  • A site visit by a consultant to look at the kind of work carried out, the equipment being used and any systems already in place, and to make preliminary observations and recommendations.
  • A detailed report, containing recommendations and all relevant legal guidance. This can form part of your safety policy.
  • Short training sessions for all of your staff in basic electrical safety and 'user checks'
  • More detailed training for your staff if required so they can carry out the formal inspection and testing, or follow-on visits by our engineers at prescribed intervals to carry out the inspection and testing for you.

If you would like more information about cutting costs and improving safety in your organisation, please get in touch with us for a chat. We will be happy to discuss your situation, without any obligation, and will only suggest a quotation for our services if we believe that we can provide a useful and cost effective service.

It is likely that the cost of our consultancy work, together with the ongoing costs of putting in place the new arrangements will be less than the cost of simply carrying out pat testing on everything every year as a matter of routine.

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