Special Testimonial

A Testimonial from a Previous Customer

We received a note from Peter Wilcox, who attended our training course on 5th August at the Marriott in Liverpool.

We invite all of our customers to give us any feedback, and we sometimes publish any relevant comments on the website. However, Peter's feedback was a lot more comprehensive, so we decided to publish it here, in full. Peter had already attended a City and Guilds course, and found it didn't really meet his needs. He also bought a DVD from another company which also didn't really teach him what he needed. We should point out that, apart from his attendance at our course, we have no other business relationship with Peter, and we did not pay him to write this! We've posted his testimonial below, unedited.

He writes:-

'The Problem:

Having taken the City & Guilds 2377-12 (with another company) as part of my electricians training I was mistaken in believing that the C&G course would provide me with the knowledge and training to perform PAT testing. Whilst providing an excellent theoretical grounding in Inspection & Test of Portable Equipment my particular course lacked the breadth of practical training to provide me with the competence and confidence to actually get out there and do it for real, apart from testing a toaster and a kettle!

Trying to address this I purchased a practical training DVD from another company which also did little to provide me with the much needed knowledge and was basically a complete waste of money.

The Solution:

I then found ‘PAT Testing Expert’ and their training course, took the plunge and signed up in what would be a final attempt to get this PAT testing thing sorted.

WOW! is probably the best description I can give of this course. Superbly conducted by Tim James, the course covered all aspects of PAT testing all the way from the legal requirements, the various types of electrical appliances and test equipment through to appliance User Checks, Inspection and Testing (The demonstration of what an earth bond actually is and how the security of this connection affects its performance was the best I have ever seen).

The practical side of this course is to be commended with loads of differing equipment on offer to test and also a variety of testers to play with. Drills, lamps, set top box, 110V equipment, angle grinders, IT equipment it was all there and the practical exercises took you through each stage building your confidence as you went along. Not only this, you take away a full copy of all the course content, notes and practical advice together with a PAT testing logbook and report which can be downloaded to adjust to suit your own particular requirements.

All this was topped off with the course being held in an excellent venue with refreshments, snacks and superb lunch provided.

So, in summary I’m all fixed!! This course provides everything required to learn to competently PAT test and to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Excellent & many thanks indeed to ‘PAT testing expert’ for providing this quality training.'

Peter will be offering a PAT Testing Service through his company A-Wave Electrical Solutions, and we wish him well in the future!

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